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Sick of Goodbyes

On the same day in July 2004, eight groups of people in different locations around the world, filmed the sun setting.

The impetus for the work was the result of being described by an official as an ‘itinerant artist’: and the implied disapproval and feeling of marginality and rootless-ness that this description provoked.

By co-ordinating a shared action on the same day among friends living in different locations around the world (Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Edinburgh, the South Downs (England), London and Durham); my intention was to create an alternative sense of place, ‘roots’ and belonging, based not on physical location but on friendship and connections with people.

The work is dedicated to my sister Lizzie and close friend Sean, who both died in 2004: two impossible goodbyes.

Berlin SunsetLA Sunsetsunset_edinburgh.jpegHouston Sunset

Stills from ‘Sick of Goodbyes’, 2004: Berlin, Los Angeles, Edinburgh and Houston

With thanks to Duncan Ganley and Travis Reeves for their invaluable ideas and support in working out the logistics for the project and editing the videos

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June 24, 2007 at 9:39 pm

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